Want a Tattoo? Let us know!


Procedures for Tattoos:

1) We require a $50 deposit to schedule a tattoo. This ensures your appointment time and gives us a sign that you are a serious client. The deposit is non-refundable, even if you can’t make your appointment. However, if you make your appointment, THE $50 goes toward the total balance due for the tattoo once you’re done.

2) We need your name, number, email, age, address, and signature. Keeping detailed client records are very important. For one thing, it’s the law. For another, we want to be as safe as possible, both as a business and as individual permanent artists.

3) We have specials just for you! One unique feature to all you can ink tattoo studio IS our regular tattoo specials we offer such as our Tattoo Client Referral Cards (CRCs).

We love it when you get a tattoo and tell others about us. We want to honor you for that. A CRC is our way to say, “Thank You” for bringing in new clients. CRCs are similar to coffee shop stamp cards or other discount membership cards. When you refer a friend to get a tattoo from us, you receive a stamp on your CRC. Refer 3 people to get tattoos from us and receive a 3-Hour tattoo FREE!!! Client Referral Cards are excellent for anyone who wants more than one tattoo.


Tattoo Tips, Tricks, & Types:

~ You must be at least 18 years old to get a tattoo. It’s the law.

~ Do not get a tattoo in a stranger’s basement or a friend’s garage. We know that everyone thinks it’s cool to get a tattoo, but ink is permanent and should be done in a professional setting from a professional licensed tattoo artist.

~ We only use single-use needles and disposable tubes. Our equipment is kept clean and sterile, and we’ll open the brand new packages in front of you. We wear gloves, wipe down surfaces before and after the procedure, and wash our hands often.

~ We keep detailed records. Our client profile cards and referral cards are kept both electronically and hardcopy.

~ We give you lots of information. Prior to getting a tattoo, our artists will meet with you to both consult and design your permanent art. In addition, we send you with a pre-tattoo guidelines so that you can be prepared for what’s coming. After receiving your new tattoo, we will explain how to care for your new ink as well as send you home with written instructions for aftercare.


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